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Dear Friends, Advocates & Supporters

Our hope is that you will consider the work that entails helping children and youth. With so many youth programs shutting down due to lack of funding we find it necessary to ask for help and support..  Whenever  you decide to write a check to an organization, charity, or foundation,  you want to do your part personally to bring a positive change to someones life who needs it.

Take One Community Program advocates for children and youth as their voice when others remain silent  We extend this invitation to you to join us in taking action on behalf of children by financially supporting us. As a 501 c3 no-profit organization your donation is tax deductible. Every day, we give voice to critical needs of children, youth and their families in need.

Your compassion for giving enables us to build an infrastructure to have a lasting and significant impact on children by providing young people with values to shape their character and inspire them to become future leaders.

By bringing our voices together, we can help many more children to succeed so that they can one day realize their full talents and potential.

Your financial help and support is greatly appreciated.


Yohannes Bolds, CEO

        Take One Friends, and Partners            
                   Thrifty Drugs

Larrys Towing Macks Auto

Simpson Auto Wrecking
Michigan State Police
Oakland County Sheriff Department


Cheerful Dollar



Peter Arabo Inc.

Federal Mogul

Bloomfield Law Center

NAACP (Northern Oakland Branch)

American Legion

Furniture Bank of Oakland County


Dr. Jeff Martin DDS

Dr. Deidre Holloway Optometrist

Johnson Medical Supplies

A&P Communications

State Rep. Tim Melton

Southfield Domestic Violence Group

Onyx Cultural & Educational Inc.

Angelic Impact

Monument of Faith Missionary Baptist Church

Loving Spoonful Restaurant


Jones Enterprises Inc.

Pontiac Housing Department

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

Jonathan Weitz and Associates

First Response

Country Farm Market

Jimmenz Tires

Detroit Pistons

Wildwood Ranch

Golling Chrysler

Oakland Schools

Pontiac Public Schools

Co-Op Optical

Microsoft Corpation
Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency
Karla Hall & DTE Foundation
Detroit City Connect
2nd & Charles 

Board of Directors

Honorable Judge Denise Langford Morris

 Larry Dixon

 Hobart Bill Maxey

Cynthia Officer

Michigan State Trooper Mark Kellar

Jackee Smith

Yohannes Bolds, CEO

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Take One Community Program
42 E. Fairmount St.
Pontiac, MI 48340
Telephone: 248 842-9540
email: takeone4259@aol.com

Oakland Press
PONTIAC-MI  An Ohio native has made a career out of making a difference in his adopted city. Yohannes Bolds founded the Take 1 Community Program in 1999, an education technology nonprofit, and is working to expand it into an umbrella organization for community development and youth-at-risk programming.

Take 1 executive board members are Peter Arabo, Larry Dixon, Sam Hanna, Krystal Johnson, Oakland Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris, Sue Schweim and state Rep. Tim Melton, D-Auburn Hills, whose district includes Pontiac.

Hanna, of Grace Property Management, says that Take 1 helps children in the city with no place to go and that it has reached out to parents, as well.

Dixon, owner of Larry's Towing in Waterford Township, has donated a vehicle to the nonprofit. He says that Bolds tries to help every person he comes in contact with.

Bolds has been involved with the Baldwin Center and Boys and Girls Club of Pontiac. He serves on the executive board of the North Oakland chapter of the NAACP, and works with organizations such as the Detroit Parent Network, the Southfield Domestic Violence Group, Angelica Impact, the Anti-Defamation League, HAVEN and the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency.

Take 1 works to close the digital divide of Internet access in the inner city and has installed computer labs at multiple sites in the city of Pontiac.

Trinity Health Systems, the corporate owner of St. Joseph Mercy hospitals in Pontiac and elsewhere, donates computers to Take 1  1,100 and counting whenever it upgrades its computer systems.

Keith Teller, at the Oakland Technical Center in Pontiac, loads software onto the donated computers en masse. Other Take 1 programs include teen domestic violence counseling, a drama club and homework help.

Bolds, who moved to Pontiac in 1994, used to work in radio broadcasting and, in Pontiac, worked as the late Judge William Watermans personal assistant.

He says, Judge Waterman kept me on point as far as teaching me a lot of different things about the law and about making good decisions and connections.

I used to be a functioning drug addict, Bolds said. I had to make a decision did I want to get high or get paid. I quit drugs in 1997 and started working in the schools.

Bolds later worked as a legislative aide for Melton. He says that its by the grace of God that I can do what I do. I've been surviving through donations.

Bolds is currently seeking help with grant writing.
Take One's headquarters are at 42 E. Fairmount in Pontiac. Please call 248-842-9540 for more information.
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